VNCL ViconNet C# Library


VNCL is B.V.Tech's new ViconNet .NET software development kit released in Q1 2011. VNCL allows 3rd parties to develop their own control center application, integrating with Vicon's ViconNet powered equipment.

Why an additional SDK?

Whilst Vicon already provides an SDK, it is currently a comprehensive and complicated C++ SDK. Developing a 3rd party application based on the original C++ ViconNet SDK usually requires extensive R&D resources.

The VNCL Solution

VNCL comes to the aid of developers interested to easily and quickly integrate Vicon's ViconNet capabilities in their .NET based applications.


What used to take months and years now can be accomplished in a matter of days and weeks. Developing a comprehensive .NET application interfacing Vicon's products was never easier. VNCL empowers .NET developers with simple and easy-to-use tools to create CCTV control applications.

Efficient & Robust

Microsoft's .NET framework takes care of a lot of "holes" waiting for C++ developers (mainly in the area of memory management). By using VNCL in the enveloping environment of Microsoft's .NET framework, the developers can avoid unnecessary bugs and create a more robust and efficient product.


The phrase "Time is Money" is only the beginning. Not only VNCL drastically lowers the amount of time required to develop CCTV ViconNet based applications but it also enables the developing party to hire developers that are not veteran C++ programmers – usually less costly and more proficient in modern R&D platforms such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008+.