ALON - B.V.Tech's True Multi-Platform Solution

ALON is a set of proprietary connectors encompassing various brands of VMS manufacturers (e.g. Vicon, NICE, VERINT, Milestone, etc.) and joining into one true “Multi-Platform”.

ALON enables CMS (Central Monitoring System) manufaturers and integrators to utilize various video infrastructures without investing extra R&D resources to learn and implement each vendor's SDK. As a "universal SDK" ALON translates each Vendor's SDK to one unified language with which the client's programmer needs to deal.

Each ALON Connector is an OEM DLL for developers working with the appropriate platform. It envelops the original Vendor’s API in a way that simplifies & speeds up the development of new applications based on it.

ALON Image

Why use ALON?

  • Cost reduction - Great savings in R&D resources
  • Flexible - Maximum flexibility for the Central Monitoring System
  • Freedom - Real value for the integrator - to be able to choose the right VMS for the project without being a captive by one or more VMS vendors
  • Simple - Much simpler the the original SDK from the VMS vendor
  • Stable - Our experience with so many SDKs gives us the advantage of knowing where the "loopholes" are, and fix them in our own layer
  • Support - We give an extra layer of support. One wich greatly enhances the ability of the client to support it's infrastructure.